Sunday, December 13, 2009

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

How's that for an opening??

Well, still no camera and my friend forgot his camera the other day when we got together so can't post photos. But, I got to thinking......I can still 'Communicate'. I am not really good at describing cards but I can talk about other things until a camera magically appears.

One of the things I have been wondering about is HOW much does paper crafting/stamping play a part of your Christmas holidays? Or, whatever holiday your family celebrates.

Do you make all your cards? How about decorations, place setting cards, gift wrap, tags, gift bags? What are some other ideas you have come up with?

I would love to hear what you do in the way of rubber stamping and or paper crafting.....for the holidays.

This year, I made some adorable Santa Pants to give to friends and family. I filled them with candies and a little gift. As soon as I can, I'll post a photo and the directions. I got the idea from my little buddy, Rita Holmes, who got it from someone else.....and so on and so get the idea.

Another yearly favorite things to do is to give Snowman Soup to those that you want to give a little gift to such as the mail lady, beautician etc.

I just find cute snowman mugs at the Dollar Tree, Wal Mart....for $1 or so.....fill it with one pkg of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate (which is on sale almost everywhere right now), a few Hershey Kisses, a little packet of mini marshmallows and a candy cane as a stirrer stick. I wrap it with cellophane and tie it with ribbon. You can make a little gift card to go with it explaining about Snowman Soup. You can find some poems here.

So, now it's YOUR turn!!


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  1. Gee, I hope Santa brings you a camera!! We don't do alot of crafty stuff for Christmas any more. We used to when the kids were younger but now the grands aren't interested. The snowman soup sounds cute though. That would be good any time during he winter. Give Annie and Raider a hug for me!


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