Friday, December 18, 2009

I have a CAMERA

I am so excited!!!! I went to a stamp club luncheon, yesterday and while we were visiting, I happened to mention that I had dropped and broke my digital camera. One of the gals asked if I needed a camera and I said yes, I'd probably get one in a few months.

She said, " you NEED one?". I said, "Yes, I do, I use one all the time". She got up...went home and got a camera and gave it to me. She said she had two and had been trying to give this one away and no one needed it.

I am so excited....oh I said that....well, I AM!!!

It's a Sony Cyber-shot. It's about two years old....but it's AWESOME! I don't have a manual or anything with will have to go online and read up on it to find out how to use it.

Now, I can take photos and post them!! I just need to get a USB cable so I can connect with my computer and I am off and running.


Thank you Lord!!!!



  1. Thats outstanding!! Can't wait to see what you're working on. Give Zoey a bit hug for me too!!!

  2. Oh I am SOOOO happy for you! What a wonderful luncheon, huh? That is so great! I love it when God just works things out for our good! How fun! Can't wait to see some photos soon! Happy NEW YEAR!

  3. Hi Char~Have you got the cable you need to upload yet? It's time to freshen up your blog.. Come on over & copy & paste the specials girl friend!


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