Thursday, November 11, 2010


As promised, here are the AFTER photos!!!  It is absolutely WONDERFUL to finally have my 'space' completely clean?  I actually FEEL like stamping now....duh....go figure!!

As you enter our office/stamp room 
My desk is on the left and my hubby's is on the right.  My Stamp desk is center. 
On the top rack above my desk are plastic totes that hold finished cards according to theme; Fall/Winter, Thinking of You, etc. The bottom rack holds 12x12 designer paper and my TAC 12 x 12 cardstock/ 

The 8 CD racks directly above my desk hold CD's with my unmounted stamps in them.
In the bottom drawer on the left is my 8 1/2 x 11" cardstock.  The top drawer on the right holds my templates and instructions for different cards/projects.

A closer view of my stamp desk 

My office area.  Hubby installed another shelf unit directly above my desk to hold my binders and other things that were taking up room on my desk.

My small storage units hold all my embellishments, ink pads and most everything else needed to make a card/project. 

We had to remove the closet doors to get the unfinished dresser inside that holds my office supplies, ribbons, shipping materials and 12x12 card stock.  See the red boxes and tote on top?  Those are full of 'scraps' that I intend to work out of for the next few finally get rid of them.
The top shelves hold my envelopes, clear envelopes, empty CD's (for unmounted stamps), and other supplies.
Plus a Iris cart to hold other supplies.  You can barely make it out, but on the left of the closet is another Iris cart that holds more embellishments and supplies.  
 To the left of the closet area, under a window, is a roll around wire file drawers system...which holds some paper scraps organized by color.  Directly to the left of that...which you can barely make out is another Iris cart which houses Big Shot and Sizzix dies, non TAC dye ink pads, Kaleidacolor ink pads, stickers, micro beads and other stuff.  On top of the Iris cart is my copier and two boxes of scraps which will be used first. keep it this way!!!


  1. Char, I'm jealous of your area but sure am happy for you!!! What a great room. If I had it though it wouldn't last long. You have it organized so well. ENJOY!!!!

  2. Wow! You've been busy! This is a wonderful space Char! I wish mine was that organized!


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