Wednesday, November 10, 2010



I have been in my cozy down mode for the past few weeks.   Summer is OVER, Fall is in full swing and Winter is upon us .  It's Cozy Down time!!

What that means, for me,  is getting my house in order so that I can fully enjoy the holidays, baking, spending time with family and enjoying a hibernation period, so to speak.  Well...not really hibernating, but as much hibernating as one can do with a 15 year old living with you.

I have to admit, I haven't done much stamping since mid September.  Except for an occasional card to my other Granddaughter.

But, I plan to change that now that winter is upon us.
I turned the page on my calendar and heaved a big was fairly now was the time to do some Fall cleaning and reorganize and clean my stamp room/office and other rooms in my home.
Here are some before photos!  It normally isn't THIS much of a disaster....but I came home from WAG (Western Angel Gathering) mid September and just tossed everything in my stamp room....not putting things away like I normally would within a reasonable time limit.

And, things just kept piling up in the stamp room when we didn't want to take time to put them where they belonged.
So, I took the plunge and spent 3 days cleaning, organizing and going through EVERY drawer and small organizing unit, shelf in the entire room.  EVERYTHING is now clean and organized. have to wait till tomorrow to see the transformation!  :-)
How does YOUR stamp room look?  If you can't get to your stamp table, there isn't much chance of getting any stamping done, not to mention your creativity being stifled IF you could.

See you tomorrow!!!

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  1. you say you are going to stamp more? Now I expect a birthday card in December! I am giving you fair warning :)


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