Friday, May 11, 2012

Concrete Lawn Ornaments

What is THIS you ask??  Well, it's the start of a concrete 'bowl' for my Son's yard.

I bought a finished product a year or two ago and loved it!!  I decided we should make good use of our Rhubarb leaves and try our hand at making a few.

So, last year, hubby and I bought all the ingredients, we thought, and waited till our Rhubarb started growing.  But, lo and behold the earwigs got to them before we did.  Not ONE Rhubarb leaf was spared.

So, this year, we decided to try it again.  But, after rechecking out the book where I first saw the directions, we noticed we hadn't gotten all the ingredients and he had actually gotten the wrong concrete.

So, we made a quick trip into Home Depot and after buying two more bags of concrete, concrete tint and concrete sealer...his wallet was a lot lighter.

But, we forged on!  In the above photo you see the process beginning.  We mounded sand up to form a 'bowl' (we later found that we didn't mound it high enough).  Then, we laid a piece of plastic over the sand and laid our leaf on top of that.

Then, we poured concrete over the top of the Rhubarb leaf and waited till it dried and then turned the entire thing over to cure for 5 days.

Well, I got in a hurry and wanted to pick off some of the leaf and chip some of the 'run over' off the sides and I caused it to have a small crack down the center rib.  Oh well....we'll still use it in our yard and we'll make another one for our Son.

When we finish the one for our Son, I'll come back and post a photo of it.

Here is the name of the book you can check out if you are interested in making one of your own.  I think that they are so cool!!!

Ok, back to card making!!!



  1. That really would be a cool piece to put in a rock bed. Something has been eating at all my rhubarb leaves this year. I don't know what is doing it.

  2. What a neat idea. I bet any large leaf would work wouldn't it. Will we see a finished one?

  3. As soon as we get one to come out the way we like....I'll post it.


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