Monday, August 27, 2012

Been busy baking

I decided it was time to use up the last of the rhubarb.  So, on Saturday I baked (2) 9x13 rhubarb cakes and 5 rhubarb pies.

Sunday I made dog treats for our dog, Annie and my Grand dog, Raider.  The love their 'cookies'.  I break them up and put them into sandwich baggies and keep them either in the refrigerator or the freezer.  You should see their eyes when I get ready to give them one, they are like psycho eyes.  Too funny!!

Soon it will be fall and I will be doing a lot more baking!!   Haven't been making any cards or doing any crafting lately, it's just been too hot.

Next post will be a card, I promise :-)


1 comment:

  1. First of all I like the new background on the blog. Baking! Wow! Knew I was in the wrong part of the country, I love rhubarb! I hope you make it to fall classes. I miss your cards.


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