Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer is coming to an end...but what a busy summer!!

I have been pretty much MIA for most of the summer.  I have made quite a few cards at stamp club and another class I took and will eventually get them uploaded to share but thought I would share what has kept me so busy for the past couple of months.

In June, we went up and got our Granddaughter and she spent almost 2 months at our house.  We had a great time doing all sorts of fun things and just enjoying our time spent with her and our other Granddaughter who lives with us.

 We went bowling
Attended a parade in the next town and then had another BBQ at our Son's house where we played some outdoor games and just enjoyed the day.

We took a Surrey ride through the Old Mill and along the Deschutes River in Bend.

One of the drives we took, this summer, was to Shaniko to see some friends play in their family band.  Alas, I didn't get any photos with my camera that day except for the sheep shearing and also some falls we visited along the way.

Of course, what would summer be without a water balloon fight?  We all got into the mix, but I captured a photo of my hubby throwing to one of the granddaughters with our dog, Annie, trying to catch it.

The girls pitched in and helped unload rocks for the border around our lawn.

Of course, we did a ton of other things, but sometimes I just didn't think to take the camera along.  We took an early morning drive to Bend to watch Balloons over Bend....but they never got off the ground.  We had gotten up at 4am just to drive in there.  Oh well, maybe next year?

Last, but not least, before our Granddaughter went home, we attended the County Fair.

We had fun riding the rides and just enjoying the day!  We topped it off by going to a Chris Young concert.

And, just yesterday, my older Son, his daughter and I all went white water rafting.  It was on my bucket list, so now I can scratch that off.
 OK, here we go!!!!!
 NOT my favorite part of the rafting experience.  I liked the calm water with little ripples :-)
 More water!!

 A tad more water in the boat on MY side again!!!
 So glad I wasn't sitting at the front of the raft.
 My son riding the 'bull' as they call it.  Sitting on the front holding onto a rope.

Everyone giving a high five for getting through a rough rapid!!

Sorry for such a long post, today!!  But, now you know why I have been MIA!!
More to come once life slows down a little.
I am off to card class this afternoon and hopefully will get some more photos loaded up this coming week.
A couple more weeks till school starts and life will be back to a routine again.
Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. Looks like an awesome summer, char, filled with many fun outings!

  2. It sounds like a fun summer! I'm glad you could enjoy it with the girls. Thanks for sharing pictures. I've been wanting to try white water rafting but no good rivers down here now.


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