Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, AGAIN to my dear hubby

What a gorgeous display!!!
Happy birthday, to my dear hubby!!!

Ok, I thought I was being clever and sending him his card via my blog before he got the actual card.  BUT,  I gooooofed!!!   He is 68 today, not 67!   He caught that and I didn't.

He is two years older than me and since my birthday is not till next week, I just added two years to my current age.  DUH!!!

Here is a gorgeous display of God's wondrous sky art.  My Granddaughter and I were at Bi Mart, last night, and as I was coming out of the store, this is the sight I saw.  She was sitting in the car and noticed it and jumped out and she started taking pictures and I got my phone out and started taking pictures and  we kept walking to different parts of the parking lot to get a better view.  People were looking at us like we were idiots.  But, I didn't see ONE person actually look up to see what we were taking pictures of.  Didn't they even notice this glorious display?

That is one thing my Granddaughter and I share....the love of taking pictures and we will stop along side the road and jump out just to take a picture of something that moves us.

We live in the great state of Oregon where the mountains are plentiful.  I NEVER get tired of taking photos of Mt Hood or of the other mountains that surround us.

We are going to take a day and just go around taking photos of different things.  Next up is a trip to WAG (an annual stamping get together...our 8th year) over in Salem, OR and along the way we will be taking photos of different things we see.

Then, comes a FALL trip to take photos of the changing of the leaves.  Can't WAIT!!!

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!!



  1. I love the sunset. It's so pretty. I miss BiMart! I can't imagine people not looking up. So you goofed on his age? LOL! Enjoy the rest of the holiday week-end.

  2. Chris, Thank you so much for always commenting on my posts. It makes it all worth while. BIG HUGS


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