Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Dear Husband

Not sure if this is the card I will actually give him today, but since he likes pizza, I thought it was an appropriate one to share, today.

My hubby turns 67 today and he is still my favorite!! :-)

He has asked for hamburger cheese patties for dinner (two patties with a piece of cheddar cheese in the middle and then pinched all around and fried in a pan and then add tomato sauce) It was a dish my Mom created years ago and he just loves it!

Go figure....but hey, it's easy and he loves that's what he's getting.  He also wants a berry pie for dessert.  He's not a cake I'll see if I can find some berries in season or to Costco I go :-)

This was such a fun card to make.....and it could be used for a teenager or just about anyone!!  It could even be made into a pizza party invite!!

Have a wonderful day!!


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  1. It's a cute card! It looks easy to make and perfect for anyone. And a Happy Birthday to hubby!


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