Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snowmen Tea Lights

We did these at class, too.  But, I have seen them on several blogs so I want to share what blogs I have seen them on so that it gives credit where credit is due.

I have three SU demonstrators that are all friends.  I try to support each of them at one time or another.

I am sure I know a lot more than that via the internet and other friends, but these three are the ones that always give me wonderful ideas via their blogs or in person.

So, here is the blog for my friend, Jan.  If you click on her name, she has the directions for these adorable little pins. She always has fun ideas!  I have been to a couple of her workshops, too, and they are fun and informative.

I tend to go to Joanne's card classes more often because she lives so much closer, just two miles away.  She also has wonderful ideas.

Then, there is Jo (see a pattern here....three J's) and she lives the farthest away up in northern WA.  She used to live about 45 miles from me and I would go to her classes every couple of months or so. We get together, now, about once a year and she does great cards, too.  The last time she visited, though, I took her to Joanne's card class with me.  We had a great time.

If you don't get time to make these, this year, there is always next year.



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  1. I love those little guys. Gee, I know the 3 J's too.


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