Sunday, May 19, 2013

Alphabet Swap - A

I joined an Alphabet swap and of course the first letter is A.  After I had joined, I went to check out my stamps and couldn't come up with anything that started with A.

Oh I could have chosen an Animal and called it good but that was too broad.

I finally came across an Angel I found.   That works!!!!

Not overly excited about this card but it is what it is!!!  I just couldn't get my mind wrapped around how to do the card.  And, the deadline was fast approaching so I went with what I had.
Afterwards, I wished I had left the crocheted lace off and used something else but wasn't about to tear it off the card and start over.  And, I hate the bow at the top.

I did use BLING to compensate for lack of imagination :-)
Do you ever make a card that you are not 100% excited about but since the deadline is fast approaching and your mind is not coming forth with anything BETTER, you just go with it?

This is probably why THIS stamp is housed out in the garage in my stamping drawers rather than in my stamp room!

Hope that the recipient at least likes it a little :-)  She will have received this card by the time this posts.

Have a great day!!!


  1. It's a cute card though. Sometimes we really don't have time either. Are you thinking about 'B' yet?

  2. I have B already done....I came up with that before A.


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