Friday, May 24, 2013

Pink and white butterflies

I went to stamp class on Saturday and since there were only four of us in the morning class, our demonstrator offered to let us make two sets of cards, if we wanted to pay the extra $10 so I jumped on it as I hate sending out the cards that we make in class as I like to keep them as samples to look at when I make more cards and I don't always get around to doing that, right away.
Here is the card we did following her example:
And, then I made a little mistake on the card, so I just re positioned the butterflies and came up with this card:
She thought I did it on purpose but I kind of like them flying about like this.
I seem to be in a butterfly stamping mode, lately!!!

Have a Happy and SAFE Memorial Weekend!!!



  1. I like your original design too!! very nice!

  2. They're both really pretty cards. I like pink and white together too. I may finally be able to take a class or two when I get moved.

  3. Love the card, Char! Such a pretty soft pink! And isn't it nice when you can cover up a smudge or other little "goof"?


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