Saturday, August 31, 2013

A tribute to our Son Gene and his Crystal Dome greenhouse

Our Son, Gene, built his own greenhouse using six sided units put together to form the green house.  When I had first seen the images of the wood pieces, I thought he had purchased them.  When I found out he MADE each and every one of them.....I was blown away.  I always knew he was good at building things and fixing things but being measuring challenged, myself, I was so amazed by this project of his and just had to share it with others.

I am only sharing a few photos to give you an idea of what it looks like but he took a ton of photos.  Hopefully, I got them all in the right sequence but even if I didn't, you have to appreciate all the hard work that went into this project....I know "I" do.

This is where it all the shop!

After getting all the components finished, he laid out the perimeter of the greenhouse with stones and dug the hole for the water feature.

 He cut barrels in half to be used for the planters.

He set them inside the perimeter of the green house and began the plumbing of the water feature and planters.

 Next, came putting the components together to form the green house.  A lot of work and careful measuring!

As each level of components (for lack of a better description) was put up, he had to stretch special plastic over the sides.  That is what took time!

 Next came the setting up of the water feature and getting it plumbed so that the water recycles from this water feature up to his planters so that they water on a set time schedule.
Don't even ask me to try and explain it all.  I was just amazed at how he figured all of this out.  But it was fascinating!!

 He even added a rock like feature behind the barrel so that the water comes down into the barrel like a fountain.

One of the cats checking out his new water hole :-)
                                      He added some plants

Then, added some more
The planters with plants growing in them.

                                             The finished project!!!

And, here he is admiring his finished product.  :-)

We went over and saw it in June but he has done so much more since then so I can't WAIT to see it all finished!!

Beautiful job, Gene!!!!


  1. Good job putting it all together on your blog.
    Harvested tomato's,Basil, cucumber,onions,lettus,squash. The squash and cucumber took over so I replanted with Bell pepper, more basil, parsley, camamel,garlic, and Kale. And I think some cantaloupe.

  2. Wow! What a beauty. It sure looks like a labor of love. I'd love to see pics of it finished and the planters full.

  3. Wow, very cool, Char! Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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