Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Love my mountains

 Taking a break from posting about card making and wanted to share some photos I have taken of the beautiful mountains that surround us.  I never get tired of snapping photos of these beauties or get tired of looking at them.

Here is a zoomed in shot of Mt Hood from our front porch, at dusk.

 This is a shot of Mt Jefferson, which I can also see from my front porch but this wasn't taken from my front porch as there are buildings that get in the way. This was taken on my way into town.  I just never get tired of this view.

Here is another shot of Mt Jefferson as seen through some wheel lines in a carrot seed field at a different time of of the year.  I had my photo printed onto some address labels and a mouse pad because I love it so much.  You can even see the water coming out of the sprinklers.

On the way up to Portland, we have to go over the pass around Mt Hood....and I get tons of photos from that highway.  But, this is a close up of it as seen from Hwy 35 coming back from Hood River, OR.

And, finally, the Three Sisters near Sisters, OR.  We love this view from Hwy 22 on the way to Sisters.

So much beauty that surrounds us and I never take it for granted.

We are truly blessed.

Have a great day!!!


  1. Isn't it true? Those mtns are a continuing marvel!!! Any clouds or sky color you can imagine, will eventually be seen...

  2. They're beautiful. I miss the Cascades!!

  3. Oh, how awesome! I would love those views, for sure!


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