Sunday, October 6, 2013

Heather's Trade

Heather had a beautiful sympathy card for her trade.

She also had a really cool card for her project but I opted to bring it home and finish it.

There were two others that I did the same with as I just get to talking and doing other stuff and don't always get my projects finished.  She told me that everything was already stamped and cut out so it would be super easy to put together at home.  That way, I was able to concentrate on some of the projects that took more time to finish.

This is truly a pretty Sympathy card.  That is one card that I don't like to make tons of ahead of's just not something I want to have to on hand to send....but, there comes a time when we need one so why would that occasion be any different than any other one?  I don't know....just feels weird to me to have some made ahead of time.  But, it IS a good idea.

What do you do for Sympathy cards?  Do you have some made ahead as you would say Birthday cards or other occasions or do you make them as needed?

Have a great day!!!!


  1. Beautiful card! Is that a die cut for the piece behind the bird?

  2. It's a beautiful card. I don't make them ahead either. It's bad enough we have to make them at all!


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