Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monthly Newsletter....I DID IT!!

So, I'll hand myself a bouquet of Daisies....one of my favorite flowers!!

I decided that I needed to send out a monthly newsletter rather than relying on my blog to get the word out about my card clubs, classes and other things.

This way, those that want to know ahead of time about what's going on at Paws N Stamp with Char will have it all in one place rather than scattered about many blog posts.

My idea is this, after I get everything set up....probably after the 1st of the year....I'll be sending out updates about monthly card classes where you can sign up to take part via e-mail.  Yes, that's right.

I'll send out a monthly newsletter giving you different options of things to take part in.  I plan on having classes in my home from time to time and I will be starting up Card Clubs where you can get 5 other people together to form a club.   You commit to 6 months at $25 a month and every month a different person receives the hostess benefits!!   For a workshop to qualify for hostess benefits through Stampin' UP, you must have a $150 workshop.....so this makes sure you meet those requirements.  BUT....you aren't limited to that when it's your turn.  You can gather more orders and have an even bigger workshop.

These can be virtual clubs.....and I will explain all that later.....where you pay ahead of time and then I send out your card kits, by a certain date and you can get together with the other members and make your cards.

You can also opt to have a real life workshop where the 6 of you get together and we do the cards together, each month.  Still the same requirements.....6 people/6 months!  And, someone different gets to be the hostess each month.  Of course, it will depend on where you live, too ;-)

Also, I will have mystery hostess workshops online.....hopefully each month.

I'm really excited and hope you will join me on my new journey!!!

Please feel free to share my blog with friends and have them sign up to my blog and also my Monthly newsletter.

And, remember, I am on Facebook, too.


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Have a Great Day!!!!!


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  1. You're getting off to a good start! I'd like to start getting your newsletter when you start it of course. Got to see what my friend is up to!!


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