Monday, August 4, 2014

How NOT to ruin your cards!!!

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Well, after a little over 2 months, I am back to blogging again.  
I'll have to be truthful and say that I decided to take a small break,  but then it turned into a HUGE break!!  Not intentionally.

Funny how you can stop doing something (like exercising or whatever) and mean to get right back to it, but pretty's a change that's hard to get back to!  Does that make sense??

Even though I wasn't posting on my blog, I was busy, busy, busy making cards, still doing the Stamp Of The Month and my monthly newsletter.

I decided, the other day, when I was doing my Card Buffet (this is in place of the SOTM), that I really needed to get back to my blog.  Even if no one ever reads it, it's good therapy for me!

Well, I wanted to share what happened the other day and offer a suggestion, (that all of us stampers and scrappers KNOW but just in case you have never had this happen...beware).

I was working on my Card Buffet (more information about that on the Card Buffet tab) and had all my photos taken, edited and my Tutorials all completed.  I clicked SAVE and began printing.
Well, long story short, I had a plate on top of my printer.....and when the printer was printing, the plate started to move and came down and hit a full cup of coffee and my cards and knocked them ALL to the floor.  I had just gotten up from the computer to go do something while my Tutorials were printing and heard a loud crash....and turned around to see all 10 cards laying in a big puddle of coffee, with my plate in three pieces!  I immediately got my cards up and out of that mess and put them on a counter to dry.

I cleaned up the mess and then went back to see how much damage was done to the cards.  Well, you can see one of them, below, and the rest were varying degrees of the same thing. On this card, I was trying out the new Hearts & Stars Decorative Masks.

This is the set I used this month, for the Card Buffet, since I had already announced it as the SOTM.


I was sick!!!  But, then again, I was happy as I had already photographed them so there really wasn't a problem with getting my Card Buffet out that day.  :-)
My plate (a part of a set of Doulton that someone had given to me) was trashed....but my TIGGER mug was SAFE!!!

So, I have learned that liquids should be no where near my cards!!!!  Although, I still have a cup of coffee or other drink on my desk when I am stamping, I keep them way away from my cards and no longer put a plate on my printer....sigh

So, really, all I was out was my cards that I had worked on for days.
But, lesson learned.....don't eat at the computer and put your plate on the printer for later.  
I am also thankful that my cell phone wasn't sitting on that side of the desk, as it usually is.

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  1. Your card was very pretty! I've done the same with a cup of coffee. I'm sure glad to see you back!

  2. Thanks Chris!! And, thanks for being a loyal follower!!!

  3. Well Irish, you could have gotten out your distressing inks and done some heavy duty laying! That's something I'm starting to work on. Still trying to figure out how to make my hot messes look cool.

    I've stopped traditional scrapbooking and am trying to get things together in 'speed scrapbook albums' for my printed photos. Only way I'm EVER going to catch up. Anything digital I'm going to put into Blurb books.

  4. You know, I don't have many distressing inks, but that's a cool idea!! I am going to try 'fixing' them....and see what I come up with. I'll post them if they turn out decent enough ;-)

  5. :) there are some of us that red your blog all the time!!! and miss when you are gone.... so glad u r back!!!! altho I notice here it is the 10th and the blog was written on the 4th and none after that and I just 'discovered' the new one. I was happy, happy, sorry about the cards and your plate!!

  6. I know, I sort of got sidetracked, again!! It was great to get some 'feedback' so I know that someone is actually reading ;-) I made a cute Halloween card using a new stamp set and Framelits that will be in the new Holiday catalog. I just LOVE this set!!!


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