Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summertime is.....crazy

 And, Summertime is busy!  And, LAZY!!!  When it's hot outside, I don't have a lot of ambition!!  Just keeping it honest and real ;-)

We don't have Air Conditioning in our home except for a window unit in the bedroom, so when it gets over 80+ outside, it's also about the temperature inside as well.  When we had that couple weeks or so of over 90+ weather, I couldn't even think about making cards in this hot room.

Anyway, I am starting to make cards again and right now am working on the cards for my Card Buffet for September, so I haven't been making many others.

Here is one, that I may have posted awhile back, but it's one of my favorites and SO EASY to put together.  It uses the Flower Shop stamp set and Pansy punch.

The trick is in lining up the stamp and punch.  I found a sort of easy way to accomplish that but you have to do it when you first get your stamp set.

If you use clear mount, you need to do this before you take them out of the rubber tray they come in.  Then, you just mark your punch at the right petal and also the petal on each stamp at exactly the same place.

Hope this works for you!!

Have a great day and remember to take time to Paws N Stamp!!!



  1. That's a cute card. I have that set and I hope I have my clear mount marked right. I wish they would make it easier for us old folks!

  2. I have thought about how the manufacturer could make it even easier to use but I can't imagine how they even get it this close ;-) But, it sure beats having to cut each one out individually.


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