Monday, August 10, 2015

Ashwood, OR

 Sometimes on a Sunday afternoon, we like to take a drive to someplace close that we've never been.

Ever since I can remember, I will often wonder where a road leads to, or what a town on a sign, looks like.

For quite a few years, we have driven Hwy 97 or Hwy 26 and passed road signs to different 'towns' or communities and of course, being who I am...I am curious what is there.

Last Sunday, we decided to take a drive to one of those places, Ashwood, OR. You can get there just off of Hwy 26 just outside of Madras going North on Hwy 97.

I had always been curious about this little 'town' since I learned that there are kids that ride a van in from Ashwood, every day, to attend High school here.  So, naturally, I had been wanting to see just where this little town was and what it looked like.

It is about 17 miles from Hwy 97 to Ashwood. (Approximately 35 miles from Madras, OR)  The roads tend to be narrow and at times curvy!   But, if you go slow, it's a very enjoyable drive.  Of course, the scenes below are about all you DO see along the way.  Lots and lots of hills and Juniper trees.  And, you have to be careful as there are usually cows standing alongside or even IN the road when you come around a corner.  But, it just adds to the fun!

We might have seen one or two vehicles on our way in and out but we still drove slowly, especially around blind corners.
The roads can be quite steep at times and a little 'switchbacky', but all in all, it was interesting!
Different formations along the way.  While we were driving along, we wondered if there really WAS anything to this town as it seemed like it was a long way in before we actually saw any signs of civilization, except for the cows.

There is history to this settlement and I will post some links at the bottom of this page.  I didn't take any photos after we actually reached the 'town' as I just
felt funny taking photos of the actual 'town'.  But, there was an old church and a Post Office/home there.  And, there is a small elementary school.   (Besides, hubby isn't too fond of stopping to take photos on some of these drives)

Here is another blog that the person actually DID take some photos of the town.

and this blog also has a lot of other interesting places to see in Central Oregon, some of which I have not yet wandered to.

More info

And, even some more

And, a 1977 newspaper article about the little town.

Have a fantastic day!!!  I am going to get busy, now, and stamp some fun to share tomorrow.


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