Thursday, August 27, 2015

C'mon RAIN!!! And, playing in my stamp room

Burnout County Line 2 Fire

Well, we are watching and hoping for rain!!  I know, most people are hoping for sun or good weather and we have had awesome weather for months... up till a fire broke out on the Warm Springs reservation a couple of weeks ago.  It was caused (I know, it's still under investigation....but, hey....people got photos of it) by a motor home pulling a utility trailer and the tire came off the trailer.

Rather than STOP, the driver, evidently, just kept driving for miles, hoping to make it to a tire shop 30 miles away to get a new tire put on???.....sending sparks flying left and right into the dry brush and with the winds that day, that's all it took.  HELLLLOOOO????  Who in their right mind does that???

That's all it took that windy day for a full blown fire to break out....and now our firefighters are risking their lives trying to get it under control.   Some people have lost their homes and we are praying it doesn't get to the timber. So far, it's burned over 66,000 acres and it is still not fully contained.

We have been dealing with the haze and smoke for over a week, now, all over Central Oregon.  Usually, I can see the mountains from my home....but they are hidden by smoke.  But, it's nothing compared to what the people in Warm Springs are dealing with.  It nothing compared to what the families of the firefighters are having to deal with.

And, we aren't the only ones, unfortunately.....all across WA, OR and CA there are fires burning.  Most were started by nature.....but the ones started by negligent humans make me so upset!

They are calling for rain this weekend.  I am praying for rain...not lightning or wind....but a good give these firefighters a BREAK!!!

Well, since I have basically been stuck at home because I don't want to be out in the smoke, I have been playing!!

We recently drove up to WA to visit some friends and I took the ladies each a cute purse.  They hold 2 Hershey Nuggets each.  They were fun to make and the ladies enjoyed receiving them.

Now, I am working on projects for WAG!  It is a get together in Salem every year for about 10-12 of us ladies that used to belong to The Angel Company.  We enjoy getting together every fall and sharing ideas and just having a girls' weekend together.

Have a fantastic day!!!



  1. I feel for the people near those fires. I think about them often because of living out there most of my life. Your purses are so cute.

  2. Thanks, Chris! We had fun making them.


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