Monday, November 30, 2015

Last Day of Online Extravaganza and cute bunny!!

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We got a sweet surprise, the other day, as we looked out our patio doors to our deck.  What should we see but this adorable bunny peeking up over our deck.  I have NEVER seen a bunny in our yard, here in town, before!!!  Out on our ranch, where we used to live before moving here, we were used to seeing jack rabbits, cotton tails along with a lot of other wild life but here....we usually see a cat running across our fence or birds...but never a cute little bunny.  I had to take a photo....because as soon as I opened the door, afterwards, to throw out some carrots for him....he was GONE!!!  And, we haven't seen him since!

He looked so cold and forlorn!!!  I don't know how on earth he found his way to our yard but it sure brought a smile to our faces!!

Have a great day!!!



  1. At least you got pictures. I love the chipmunks that come around here once in a while.

  2. My camera/phone is never too far from me but sometimes I do miss those really cool experiences! Just glad I got a quick photo before he moved on.


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