Saturday, December 19, 2015

be careful what you ask for ;-)

sorry in advance how rustic this post will look like.

on thursday i fell on my neighbors walk and hit both knees and landed on my right hand, jamming my elbow and severely breaking my right wrist.  dont ask how i did it, but i also managed to severely sprain my right ankle, and bruise both knees.  the attending dr said when you do something you dont do it half way do you?

anyway, now i am waiting to go to surgery on tuesday to try and fix my hand.  i was told they will most likely put a plate in my wrist.

the worst thing about this besides it being around the holidays is that this is the samw arm i broke while roller skating with my granddaughter about 15 years ago.

i dont type well with one finger but i wanted to let you know what happened and that i am really upset that now i cant play with all my new toys from the upcoming occasions catalog so i can show you all the wonderful things su has for you.

there is humor to all of this in that things have been very very stressful the last few days and thursday i was upset about some packages that ups claimed they left on my doorstep.  long story and takes too long to type it, but i asked God to give me a "break".  about a couple of hours later, ups called me back to tell me she got in touch with the driver and he said he did deliver them.  long story shorter.....we finally figured out that he must have left them on our neighbors porch and she asked me to go check.. i did and they were there.  so i put all 5 pks in my car and went home.  ups called back and i told them i found them.

after my hubby got home, i decided, just in case someone saw me take pkgs off the porch, that i should tell my neighbor what happened.  so hubby told me that he saw her car there, so we went up and told her what had happened..

on the way back to the car, i missed a step and bam....fell down.  hubby drove me to the er and 6 1/2 hours later i got released.  they thought i might have surgery that night, but it turns out, i need an orthopedic surgeon to do the job..

they sent me home with a temporary cast and brace for my ankle.  the pain meds help with the pain.

my granddaughter took photos of how they had to dress me to send me home as the couldnt get my clothes back on me.

i dont think i can post that photo without some help to edit it.....with just one hand.  this post took me 4x as long to type as it normally does.

so, just be careful what you ask for..  i got my break.....just not the one i was asking for  ;-0

i did get one card made, and when my granddaughter comes over, i'll see if she can upload it.

ill try to post any new updates, but cant promise photos unless my grdtr is here to help me..

thanks for understanding

hugs char


  1. I hope Christmas still goes well for you and no more problems. Prayers for you on surgery day/.

  2. I hope your surgery will go well and you'll get well very soon. I know how sad it is as my friend from had his hand broken in 3 places while playing table football. Silly, isn't it? Well, best wishes to you, fast recovering and no hurting in a new year!

  3. Oh my! Yeah.... remind me not to ask for any breaks. That's too scary. You are lucky that it wasn't worse. No fun to be out of crafting action though!

  4. That's the thing that upsets me most, I can't post cards I've made!! I am trying to figure how to do my blog from my Kindle. It will be very small posts but I just have to be able to share. Where there a will, there's a way.


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