Friday, June 17, 2016

And, yet another garage sale...sigh AND a Good deal from SU for JUNE

Ok, have fun looking  I tried and tried to fix this photo to no avail.
Once again, we are having another garage sale.  Most of the stamps and rubber stamping supplies are from my demonstrator days with The Angel Company. I was with them for 11 years.  I have hung on for too long to all the stamps I just knew I would use again.  HELLO???  I haven't and especially not since becoming a SU demonstrator almost 3 years ago.

I keep asking myself, "Why do you keep doing this?"  Why?  Because each year, I get rid of more stamps and this year....I slashed the prices down to about .50 cents a CD case.  WAY, WAY, WAY less than their original cost.  They are all unmounted.  But, heck, the CD case has to be worth at least .10cents, right? LOL

I also am selling some SU sets that are retired and some other crafting supplies.

Then, there are the household things and a beautiful king size headboard and foot board.  I hate to get rid of it, but we just downsized to a queen bed.  I just want our garage back to park cars in.....imagine that!!!

And, since my wrist is doing so much better, and I am able to stamp once again, I am planning on starting up classes again, really soon!!!

Hopefully, I will start blogging more, too!  I just haven't had anything to share as I haven't stamped hardly at all in 6 months.

Wanted to let everyone know that through the month of June, if you have a workshop or spend $350 in one order, you qualify for an extra $35 dollars in hostess rewards!!  That is an AWESOME deal!!!  The offer ends June 30th at 10:50 pm MT.

Read about it here.  Scroll down where it says Extra Stamping Rewards.

Have a great day!!!


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