Sunday, June 19, 2016

Garage Sale Success!!!

Wow, it never ceases to amaze me how much stuff one family can accumulate over the years!! We have had several garage sales in the past 10 years in an effort to get rid of things we have packed around for years or accumulated in the past 10 years that we find we no longer 'need'.

As we have gotten older, we have found that life is just simpler with less 'stuff'. Anyway, all of our work over the past few weeks paid off!!  We had a successful garage sale.

The day started out blustery! We couldn't even drag stuff out to the driveway because of the rain.   I guess the rain kept some people from even having their garage sale, so we were swamped for a few hours.  And, we had a steady stream of people throughout the day.  The day went FAST!!!

WHAT FUN!!!!  I always love the actual day of a garage sale because of all the people that you meet...and you learn what they collect, what they are searching for....what they are going to use something for that they just bought (that you didn't think and, just everyday chit chat.

By the end of the day, though, we were exhausted!  But, a good exhausted! :-)

One more garage sale next month, with a friend, in another city,....and hopefully, I'll sell more of my stamping supplies....(a lot of the other stuff that is left is going to be donated to a pet shelter thrift store).

Now, to get my Granddaughter's Wedding invitations finished by the end of June, plan a retreat for September AND, I am starting up classes again.

So stay tuned!!

Have a great day!!!

And, remember to Paws N Stamp!!


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