Thursday, September 29, 2016


Time is running out . . . there are just a few more days to take advantage of the most amazing Paper Pumpkin offer ever! Right now, first-time subscribers can buy their first month and get their second month FREE!

Use promo code “BOGO” at by October 10. You’ll pay $19.95 for the October kit and get the November kit for FREE! 

I have to tell you that when I first signed up with Paper Pumpkin, some of the kits I wasn't overly fond of BUT, then I found a Facebook group called Fans of Paper Pumpkin and they have so many ideas of what you can do when you aren't especially fond of the present kit. The things that those gals come up with are amazing.

I so enjoy receiving my kit, each month, now!!  This month, September, we received a darling kit with little 'test tubes' that you filled with candy and decorated.  How fun!!!

It's always fun anticipating what the next kit will be....and if I don't happen to like it as much as another month, I just look on the Facebook page and get TONS of ideas of what I can do with it.  FUN FUN FUN!!!!

And, all the work is done for me.  All I usually have to do is stamp and assemble, not thinking of what to's all figured out for me.


Then, click on Shop Now and Paper Pumpkin!!


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