Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My New Acquisition

 We went shopping, yesterday, for wedding supplies but while we were in Michael's, I saw this Washi Tape holder (well, it's actually called a Craftstack) that I have been wanting for a long time, but  I was waiting for it to come on sale.  Well, it finally did...and at a time I was actually AT the store....it 50% off....so I snatched one up for myself!  I got the larger one.  There is also a smaller one with just two drawers, I believe.
I don't have tons of Washi Tape, but I like things organized and this is the best thing I have seen to organize Washi Tape.

I think it originally was something that was used for seasonings, for your kitchen cupboard, but I am quite sure some crafter figured out really soon that it would be an awesome addition to a stamp room. YouCopia makes them.

Here is what it looks like open!

I only opened the two drawers because I don't have any more Washi tape.   And, the neat thing is....if you get another one, they stack!!!

I like that it is up on a shelf out of the way, but easily accessible.

And, I think I am going to go get another one, if they are still on sale, as I got an idea and checked it out....and found that I can fit my little Ink Spots in those drawers, too.  So, I'll have one for Ink Spots, that I get with my Paper Pumpkin every month.

LOVE having things organized and easy to find.

By the way, check out the new items they have put on the clearance rack HERE. FIVE pages full!!!

Here are just a few items that SU has put on clearance. There are punches, framelits, stamp sets, paper, embellishments and more!
Hope you are having a fantastic day!!!
And, remember, too, the September weekly special is over with today!! Tomorrow starts a new week of specials.


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