Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Fall Inspiration hunting!!!

and Finding inspiration!!

I know I have said it many times, FALL is my favorite time of the year.  Well, except when it's cold and foggy or rainy :-)  Then, not so much.  But, even then, it's a good time to hunker down in the craft room and 'play'.

How do you get new ideas for cards?  I get asked that a lot.  Well, I spend a lot of time on the computer searching Pinterest and other places for ideas.  Some days, the ideas just flow from my brain without much coaxing but other times, I need a little 'jump start' to get the ideas flowing.

That's when I head to Pinterest and just sit there looking at hundreds and hundreds of card ideas.

Some days, I am not even looking at cards, but other crafts to do and all of a sudden a card will surface in my head!

One day I was looking through Pinterest for Fall decorations and came across an idea for a scarecrow made out of wood pallets.

Aren't these cute?  And, if you go looking for wood pallets, snowmen, Santa, scarecrow....just about anything, you'll come up with a lot of ideas!!

The first one I saw, looked more like the card below....and that is the card that I made to look like the pallet I saw.  But, when I went back to 'find' the first pallet that I had originally seen, I couldn't find it.  Go figure, huh?

I didn't quite like the way the card turned out with the card peeking through on the sides and bottom, so I went back to Pinterest in search of that other pallet but no success.

And, I found one similar to the one above but different colors and it sent me to a website for the directions for making it. So, I made the one below.

Now, I want to redesign my original one (I thought it was using the directions I found for the above scarecrow, but I haven't had time to go play with my original Scarecrow since.  I am knee deep in Christmas cards for a Christmas class.

Where do you find your inspiration??  I recently was perusing a catalog and came across this page.  I thought to myself, that matches some SU card stock.  And, sure enough, it did!  I went to my craft room and pulled out Blackberry Bliss and Crushed Curry.  Now, "I" would have probably thought to put those two colors together but they go together beautifully!!

So, keep your eyes open, you never know where you'll find inspiration for card ideas or colors to use together.

Have a Fantastic Day!!!!



  1. No comments, really? that was a cool blog, inspiration, you did such a good job!!!

  2. Thanks so much, Loree!! You are about the only one that ever leaves a comment and I truly appreciate it! Another gal used to leave one every day but she passed away a few months go. I really miss her encouragement. Thanks again!!

  3. So funny, your little guys! Love, Tina


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