Saturday, November 5, 2016

Fun at Class

I love the ladies that come to my class.  They put up with my shenanigans and silliness and are so patient with me when I forget stuff and have to go back to my stamp room to retrieve it.

That is one of the things that I always get so irritated about, though, is the many times I have to walk back to my stamp room to retrieve something I had forgotten to include in the kits.  (Good thing it's held at my house, huh?)

So, I decided to make a game out of it....and hopefully make it fun for them, since they are so patient.  I handed them each a slip of paper, had them 'guess' at how many times I would have to make that trip back to my stamp room and then someone kept count.  The one closest to the times I made the trip, got a prize.

Now, I look at this in a different way.  I see it as getting 'my steps in' on my Fitbit, but it does interrupt things so that's why it irritates me that I do it.  But, regardless of how many times that I go over and over and over the contents of the shoeboxes, I invariably forget something!!  It is what it is!!

It got to be so silly with some of them asking for things that weren't part of the a different color of ribbon or asking to 'see' something that they knew I didn't have out.  LOL  Like I said, I love my girls!!! They just got right into the mix of things and made it fun!!

Well, I did good...only made 5 trips this month!!!  Two of the gals guessed 5.
But, I decided that since they were all such great sports, they all deserved a prize.

We did 3 cards at class on Thursday.  I'll share the other two in upcoming posts.

The one above was one they wanted to learn how to do.  And, when they express that they want to learn how to do something, I try my hardest to give them what they want.

This card used the Color Wash technique, using water color paper, reinkers and stippling brushes.

Oooooooh, the different colors the gals came up with were so cool!!!  No two were alike.

I wish I had thought to take photos of their creations!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Remember that the Stitched Framelits are available this month!!!  Can't wait to get my hands on mine!!


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