Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Brand New Year

I belong to a book club, online, and every year they ask us to choose a word for the upcoming year.  Last year, I didn't participate but this year I decided to and my word is SIMPLIFY!!

I am even on a quest to find a sign to hang on my wall that says just that!  I could even make one.....but I am sure Hobby Lobby or Craft Warehouse has one that would fit the bill!!

Now, when you go on Pinterest and type in Simplify, you get a TON of things that pop up!!  OH the temptation to sit here and read all of   But, that would distract from what I am trying to do....SIMPLIFY!!!

I am sure my curiosity will win over at some point and I will return and read some of those articles but ONLY after I have decided on what my schedule will be like on a daily basis and when I have the time to do that.

I could spend all week or more looking through all the suggestions but when I read the above one, it pretty much puts it all in a nutshell!!

Now, I am not going to go all Minimalistic and get rid of everything I own and all the clothes in my closet (which isn't a lot) but I DO want to SIMPLIFY my life and Prioritize!!!  That was going to be my word but I figured that SIMPLIFY would fit the bill just as well.

That means, I want to have priorities, simple things that I do each day and make them a habit. 

One is my blog and another is getting more cards done to share on my blog.

I need to cut out some of the distractions that are keeping me from doing the things that I really NEED/WANT to be doing and focus on my priorities.

I don't make resolutions....but I think that having a word to focus on for the year might work out!!

What is your word for this upcoming year?  What do you want to focus on more?

Hope your year will be full of wonderful things!!!



  1. You are so right and I do hope that I can bring myself to do some simplifying myself... Especially clothes... I definitely have to sort them and give some away. Oh there are so many spots in this household that need simplifying... Please keep me posted! That's so inspiring! :o)

  2. I plan on updating my blog with my progress from time to time!


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