Thursday, May 11, 2017

YIPPPEEE, got my pre order


Sorry no photo, but I got my box of catalogs and my customers should be getting their own personal copy in the mail SOON!!!

AND, yesterday, I received my pre order!!!  I didn't order as much, this year, as we'll be on the road and not have tons of room to store stamping stuff till we get our 5th wheel.

OH what FUN to go through the box and just think about when I can sit and make cards!  All my stamping stuff is in the Storage Unit....but, I  don't have time to stamp, anyway, with a Yard Sale coming up, and a visit up to WA to see friends and a Granddaughter.   So, for now, I'll just have to think about it!!

The catalog, itself, is beautiful!!!  And, I love so many of the stamps and accessories.  You will not be disappointed!!

If you are in the Redmond, OR area and you want to look through a copy of the catalog and see some of my purchases, give me a shout out...and I'll let you know where the Yard Sale is going to be and will have the items available to look at.

I cannot post them online, it's against SU policy....

Remember, you still have the rest of this month to get some retired items, but things are selling out fast!

The Occasions catalog is still in effect till May 31st as well!!'s a brand new catalog!!

Hang in there with me, as soon as I can get somewhere I can stamp, I'll be sharing some card ideas!!!

Thanks to so many of you for your encouragement and support thought these last few months of selling our home, having countless garage sales and the HUGE move!!!  

We are looking at having our 5th wheel sometime mid to late June....and then I can put my stamp stuff in my tiny stamp room :-)



  1. Hi Char... I love in Madras and came to your craft sale awhile ago.. and am now following your two blogs! I would love to come to your yard sale and see the new SU catalog and pre-orders. Let me know when it is! Thanks so much! Marilyn

    1. Oh dang. I didn't see this message till now. We had our yard sale this past weekend. We're headed out, tomorrow. I would have loved till have shown you the stuff i got in my preorder. Very few stampers came to the Redmond sale 😞


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