Sunday, April 30, 2017

It's Official

We moved out of our home on Friday, April 28th at 4:50 PM.  We had a move out time of 5pm and we just made it!!!  Boy, the last two weeks was frantic with having a moving sale, taking things to the storage shed, deciding what had to go in there, what went with us and what needed to be donated.

We are now staying at our Son's house while he is working in FL and we'll be heading out in another couple of weeks to go back and pick up our 5th wheel.

Several people have asked us to start a blog so that they can keep up on what we are doing when we are on the road, so I started a blog and it is called

I can once again go back to a stamping blog here and will try to keep both up as we travel along.

Right now, my stamping supplies are all packed and in the storage shed :-(  I found that I was a little nutso thinking I could actually stamp AND pack and clean a wasn't happening :-)

So, give me some time and I'll be back at it, soon!!

Thanks for all of your support, it means so much to us!!!


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