Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Day Two of my blogging

Well, I missed a few days....and that is par for me on message boards or Blogs!!! I seem to have to be reminded to do this. But, I am trying to teach myself to do it with some form of regularity!!!

This weekend, I spent the majority of my time playing around with a Scrapbook in a box. Oh what fun!!!! I loved making these. I haven't even BEGUN to do the scrapbooking part....but the boxes were a blast!!!

Monday and Tuesday were spent working on two upcoming workshops. I will probably do the same things as they are in different locations. I am going to have them do a favorite technique of mine...the masking tape technique where you put little pieces of masking tape all over a piece fo cardstock and then smudge three different colors of ink on it...and then emboss over all of that. It looks like tile or something...can't really describe it...but I'll add a photo soon.

The other is a card using our TAC background papers and stamping a vase with a flower in it....and then showing how to use crystal laquer to give a water effect! Plus showing how to turn white organza ribbon into a color to match your card using the ink you used on the card.

Fun fun fun!!!

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