Thursday, February 1, 2007

Today is the day!

Well, I have decided to join the ranks and start a BLOG so that I could share what I am doing with you!

Lately, I have been working on 'books'. I made these very simply and I am sure you can add to them and bring it up a notch, but I basically came up with the idea for my Granddaughters and I to do while they were here for Christmas vacation.

Since then, I have made other 'books' using the Drill press from TAC. It is a $30 investment but I got it for half off by having a workshop. I have found that I use it a LOT.

Here is another idea using the drill press:

They are so easy because you can drill thru all your cardstock or index cards at once.

Let me know if you make one!!! I would love to see it!

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