Sunday, February 18, 2007

What a wonderful Week!!!

My how the week has flown. It's been a very busy but fun week. I had two Funshops and Valentine's Day in the middle! Lots to prepare for, but it really got my creative juices flowing.
This card was done using Matchmaker paper and glossy cardstock using the Faux Polished Stone Technique. I used TAC's, Classy Lady, from the Jubilee brochure.

Here is a card we did at my Funshop on Tuesday evening.

This is one of the cards we did at my Funshop, on Thursday.
Actually, we changed it up a bit AT the Funshop. One of the gals had the "Running Stitches" stamp set with her and one of them....the "feather stitch" looks like chicken we used that one. Then, we left one of the photos off the card, so that you could see the 'chicken scratches'. I'll try to get one of those uploaded too.
Here is the Valentine's card I sent to my Grandkids.
I got the idea from a friend, Peg, who gave me almost the exact Valentine. I thought....why work my brain....this is GREAT!!! It's small....and I got three in an envelope! :-)

I have to show you how my Friendship box turned out. I didn't take photos of the sides, but it has the TAC Flourishes stamp on the sides and back.
Now, I want to try another one!!! But, I have to finish my Scrapbook in a Box first!

This is a masculine 'not too traditional' Valentine's Day card I made for my DH. I used the Kamlaht exclusive background paper from TAC and the BIG SHOT to cut out my bookplate and then just ran ribbon thru it. I also put another layer of Kamlaht on the inside to hide the ribbon.
Another Classy Lady card...using Matchmaker papers and TAC background papers.
Ok, off to do some more creating......see you soon!!!

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  1. LOVE how you used the GWP lady stamp!!
    I have such fun creating with you!!!


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