Friday, April 20, 2007

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Wow....I came on to post something new and realized the last post that I 'thought" I had saved wasn't saved after all.

I have been busy with a 'Spring Cleaning craft Sale' the last few days. It was fun!!! And, I had a little part of the table reserved just for me to sit and 'play' all three days. I made backgrounds, cards and just played. (funny, cause I ended up taking back some of the stuff I had up for sale) LOL

The money I made will go into my Seminar fund which is held in June. I can't wait! I think I even figured out my trades!
Here is a card I sent to one of my friends' Mom....who was struck by a car last week and in the hospital. She is out now, and doing as well as can be expected. But still a scary thing to have happen.
I used Purple DCWV cardstock, TAC Mulberry background paper and tea stained doilies!

I have also been having fun making backgrounds on glossy cardstock using TAC reinkers and alcohol. Here are a few:

I received a few Flat Travelers this week. It's a swap I am doing on several lists. Two of them are from one list and the other is from another list. I have just had so much fun doing this it's fun to take your 'flat friend' to see the sights and to also spend some time with a lot of them I will probably never see in person.

Of course, some people look at me like I am NUTS when I ask them to take our photo.....but what the heck, you only live once, I say.

And, yesterday, I received a 'gift' in the mail from one of my downline's was a JOKE......and I got a huge kick out of it. I am always saying "Put your big girl panties on and DEAL with it" and he thought that was he thought he would have his wife get me a pair. I have them hanging in my stamp room!! They have to be the BIGGEST size out there. They took up almost the entire width of my door!
What a fun last few days!!!

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