Friday, April 27, 2007

I've been TAGGED

Wow, the things that happen when you don't check your message boards or other blogs for a few days!!! An Angel friend of mine, Angie, tagged me. I didn't even KNOW what being tagged meant till today. But, I am to list 7 things about myself and then tag 7 others! So here goes:

1. I used to have a 165 average in bowling...years ago!
2. I am a practical joker (they say there is no cure).
3. I tend to act a few years younger than my age...LOL
4. I have been with The Angel Company for nearly 8 years.
5. I played the clarinet and violin....quit both...bummer.
6. Daisies are my favorite flower.
7. I have been to every state in the US except a few in the north eastern states, AK and HI.

Whew, that is hard.

Can I just say that if you tagged me, that means I have probably been to your blog.....and if you know me and have a blog......then consider yourself tagged.

Please understand, I honestly do not want to take the fun out of tagging and being tagged......It looks like a lot of fun....and it's fun to see who has been tagged....and by now I'll bet a lot have been. I know that I really appreciated finding out that people actually DO come and view my blog.

I tend to read a LOT of blogs and so many of you inspire me....not just my stamper buddies but knitters, crafters, and others. I honestly wouldn't know where to start....and would hate to hurt anyone's feelings by them not being included in just the 7. I am still making my way thru all the ones on ASAB and SCS not to mention any I see on e-mails....I think I am becoming a blogger addict!!! LOL

So, hopefully everyone understands....and you can tag me as much as you like....I'll keep adding my 7 things....but I just can't choose between all of you!!!

Love ya,

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  1. Thanks for sharing 7 things about yourself! Those are always fun to read!


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