Friday, April 27, 2007

Seminar Seminar Seminar

Oh gosh, the excitement surrounding Seminar starts way before the actual event! I am so looking foward to it this it's TAC's 10th year!!! I can barely believe I have been with the company for almost 8 years (in August). What a fantastic company to be associated with. I have never regretted signing up with them.

But, let's get back to Seminar...LOL The pre seminar activity is a blast. Everyone is so excited, planning their trades and sharing advice. I think that is part of the entire package. Of course once you GET to Seminar the real fun begins. It's just such an amazing time. There is a lot of learning going on, a lot of stamping anad a ton of hugging!
I can't wait to see all my 'old' friends....and meet my new friends that I have only met online.
I have been working on trades a little....but can't show them here till later! I think I'll probably do at least 100 card fronts and 100 trading cards. I am going to attempt my hand at doing 6x6 scrapbook pages this year and am already working on my 'special' trade. Everyone expects a gag trade from am working on it.

Then, there are special trades. Mine are very simple this year....but fun. And, then, there is ClubMed....where Managers, Executives and Directors meet for a luncheon and also do different trades and even a gift swap.
Yes....Seminar is the event of my year!!!! Then, following that...WAG!
Ok, but what have I been up to the last few days? Well....I have been walking!!! But...I injured myself...and won't comment on it here....ROTFL....but suffice it to say, IF it could be done....I would be the one to do it! So, I am on REST for 5 days....(time to do trades, right?) and then I can get back to my exercising.

Here are some of cards I made over the past few days. I did a lot of backgrounds (I get a little carried away at times, lol) and so have been using them up.

Some of them need 'something'...I'll figure it out as I go along.
Next on the agenda is to clean the stamp room, once again!!! YIKES!!! I can't think when it's messy. So, that is what will be going on this weekend. While I am at it, I will go thru my cardstock and papers and try to come up with an idea for more trades. And, OH yes....have to get on those 'special trades'.
Have a wonderful day!!!

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