Saturday, September 29, 2007

Crop a Dile Madness

You have bought a Crop a Dile, are you using it to it's full potential?
Maybe you have seen it and have wanted one but it looks to intimidating.
Hopefully, I can help!

First off, this is what your Crop A Dile looks like from the side view.

The two little outer parts are the punches. One side is a 1/8th size and the other is a 3/16th size.

If you look closely on the sides of your Crop A Dile (CAD), you will notice that the sizes are etched into the metal.

You will also notice that just under your punch part...there is a slider thing...that is called a 'depth gauge'. You can use that to set a particular depth to whatever you are punching so that you don't have to 'eyeball' it each time.

Say you want to make 4 holes down the side of something. Eyeball it the first time, adjust the depth gauge and then tighten it. Now, it is set for every hole you want to punch.
The 'setting' eyelet/snap part is the 'nose' of the CAD. If you look again, you will notice that there is a base and a top. When setting your eyelets and snaps make sure that the base is on the bottom. You will also notice that there is a little picture etched on the metal showing which part to put the eyelet on.

Now, look at the little black revolving discs on the nose part of your CAD. You will notice that there are numbers and letters on the sides.

You will use these combinations of letters and numbers depending on what you are doing.

As I said before, the center part of your CAD is the setter. The black squares are actually rotating cubes that allow you to access four different settings and four platforms. These cubes have different numbers and letters on them. Just pull gently outwards....and swivel to the correct setting.
Here are the different settings:

A-1 Setting the 3/16" eyelets and extra large eyelets and snap flare (like WeRMemorykeepers)
B-2 Setting the 1/8" round snap setter (medium eyelet and snap flares)
C-3 Setting 1/8" eyelets (small eyelets and snap flares)
C-4 Actually, someone said this worked better than C-3, but haven't tried it yet
D-4 Flat Setter (cone shaped flare)

A-2 Dry embossing (yep, you heard that right)

If you have your CAD, take it and a piece of scrap paper and play with the different settings to get used to them.

You do not have to wrench on the handle, that is the beauty of this tool, it sets with a simple squeeze. It really doesn't take that much pressure.
Ok, We have pretty much covered WHAT the CAD is let's see what you can DO with it!

Here are some ideas that I have found. The examples here are just things I experimented on. I basically just started punching holes in if you play with yours and come up with something please share with me !!

Things to do with the CAD!!!!

Use it to punch holes in acrylic frames, make more holes in your husband's leather belts, punch holes in four coasters at once to make those cute coaster boxes and you can even punch holes in canvas panels.

Add a little 'fun' to denim: shoes, tote bags and jeans! Try dressing up a denim jacket or blouse.

When punching holes in 20 index cards or multiple sheets of cardstock, use a binder clip to hold them in place while you punch your holes. The Crop a Dile also punches thru cardboard and cork.

Punch thru tin cookie cutters to make cute little ornaments, add eyelets to those tin buckets and lunch pails that you alter.....and add holes in magazines to put in 3 ring binders.

Dry embossing!!! How fun!! You can make all kinds of designs, even a PICKLE!
So as a final recap, you can use your CAD for the following:
Tin, canvas, cork, denim, T-shirts, ribbons, Tennis Shoes, Leather, Dog collars, Acrylic,
CD cases, purse straps, chipboard, index cards, cardstock
paper, magazines,
I am sure there are a TONS more things I haven't thought of or tried, yet! So, I am off to find more things to do with the Crop a Dile. In the meantime, if you think of something, please let me know.
Have a great day!!!


  1. Char-
    You probably don't remember me but I used to work at TAC in Customer Service- I met you at several seminars too!! Thanks for the awesome ideas for the CAD- it's an awesome tool and you do a great job educating your reader!! Have a great day!

  2. Ruth,

    WHAT???? Not remember YOU? Are you kidding???? You were always so much fun!!! I loved calling and getting either you or Jodie! NOT that I don't like talking to the rest of them.....but you know, you just get used to 'some'!! LOL
    I miss you!!!!!

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    "Subscribe to: "PawsN2Stamp"
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    NancyS (momsnack) a fellow Oregonian

  4. HI momsnack,

    I went thru Feedblitz again and reentered everything so hopefully, it's up and running now. Please let me know if you have any problems.

    OREGON???? Where??

  5. great description, Char! All hail the cropodile queen!

  6. found your setting-tips - great - I didn't save the back of the package - thought I should remember but.... - thank you/ingrid sweden


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