Thursday, September 13, 2007


Ok, it's finally THE DAY!!!! I will be leaving here in about four hours. I have everything packed and in the car and I am ready to roll!!!
For those of you that may not know what WAG is the Western Angel Gathering held in Salem, OR in September. There are many such gatherings across the US.
These were started for the main purpose of being able to get together with other Angels in the area and get to know them better in a smaller environment.
Seminar is a blast but it can be a bit overwhelming, these smaller gatherings are just the ticket for getting to know everyone on a one to one basis and having a great time while doing it.
My two coordinators and I have been working hard for months and months to make sure this is the BEST one yet. We have 15 projects to share and lots of fun things to do. Of course, I can't divulge them today as you never know who reads the blog....LOL
BUT, when I get back, I plan on uploading the photos of all the projects for everyone to see. :-)
I have a few cards to share that I did while camping the first of the month. I limited myself to a few stamp sets, a few ink pads, basic supplies (REAL and some cardstock and background paper to see what I could come up with.
Here are the results:

Try it, the next time you go away from home. It's fun to limit yourself to the basics and just see what happens. Of course, it can be frustrating to because you want to reach for some ribbon, another stamp pad color, a few embellishments.....and you CAN'T!! But, you can always wait till you get back home to add these things ;-) I think that actually it helps with creativity because you DON'T have all those options available.

As you can see, I took the DCWV glitter stack and used that as my background paper. TAC doesn't carry that particular stack, but they do carry a couple of others. I just love the glittery background.
I noticed at my LSS that they now have the Christmas one. Ooooooooh, I have to get my hands on that one.
I am taking some basic supplies with me to WAG and hope to find time to get some personal stamping done. I am taking several stamp sets, all my ink pads and a boat load of paper. We'll see if it's conducive to 'creativity' or not! Should be a fun comparison. Of course, I won't be alone this time.....I'll have other Angels around to give their ideas, too.
Looking forward to sharing when I return!
Have a FantasTACical weekend!!!!

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