Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No crafting today

There are days for crafting and then there are days you just have to do something else and yesterday was one of those days.

My friend, Peggy, is recovering from surgery so I have been going up every day or so and checking on her. Yesterday, her Mom asked if I would feel comfortable making dinner and I jumped at the chance. She has been doing it but she is also taking care of the kids so I was glad to help.

It feels so good to be 'needed', you know what I mean? Well, those of you with young children at home won't really grasp it till the last one has been out of the nest for awhile.....especially if they are boys. And, with two grown sons that are very independent and two grandchildren that live 3 hours from me, sometimes I just don't get my share of feeling 'needed'. All older women will 'get it'. At least I hope I am not the only one...LOL

Anyway, it was fun to feel as tho I was actually helping out. After I decided what to fix. I just gathered up the ingredients, brought them down to my house and put together a chicken/rice dish and then stuck it in the fridge till it was time to go back up and fix dinner.

While I waited, to go back up, I read a book that Peggy lent me. It's called "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio" I am almost finished and have the DVD ordered from the library and Peggy, her Mom, Jean, and I will have a girls day soon and watch it together.

I am off to create some projects for my workshop on Saturday!!!

Have a good day!!!

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