Monday, January 21, 2008

A new week

This is the next TAC stamp set I want to make a card from. It's called "Sweet Skunks" and I just think they are too cute!!! But.....I have some priorities, first.

This morning,...I visited a good friend who just got home from the hospital last week after having surgery. She's doing pretty good, but still needs to take it easy.

We visited for three hours and while she reclined in bed.....we watched CraftTVweekly together and surfed crafting websites and knitting websites.

She is bound and determined to get me to get out of my comfort zone where knitting is concerned and I am going to start with some scarves, fingerless gloves and then maybe socks.

This year is going to be a new year for me in regards to stepping outside my comfort zone. First thing I need to do is make a list of all the things that I would like to try this year and then 'give it a try". When I get that list made....I'll post it here and see if anyone else has some of the same goals.

One was to read a book that I would never ever read, normally. So, I checked out "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Folleth. It's over 900 pages.....but so far, I am sticking with it.

Ever hear of "100 things to do before you die"? Sort of like the Bucket List. Well, that's more or less my theme, this year. I want to take my paper crafting and stamping to the next level. I want to try other crafts that I have never given much thought to and do things that I normally wouldn't do (within reason...LOL) and just see how much I can accomplish this year.

Then, I made up my mind that I HAVE to clean my dining room table and Island off and take EVERYTHING back to the stamp room and then get that cleaned and organized again before I allow myself to stamp/papercraft. (I think I'll cave before I completely finish tho....but I have everything off my Island).

When I have spent a couple of hours cleaning and organizing....I'll allow myself time to surf some blogs.

Have a great day!!


  1. Great of you to help a friend, good luck with your plans for the year and I look forward to your skunk project.

  2. Hi Irish!

    Have you seen "The Bucket List"? It's pretty good, just saw it this last week with the folks.

    You know me, I've had a 'Bucket List' since high school. This year I'm making an 8X8 scrapbook as part of a year long challenge at my SB store to make and meet goals in '08.

    Ya know, I think you've just inspired *my* next blog! ;-D


  3. OH...just thought of something else. Check out the book "N.O.W. - No Opportunity Wasted" by Phil Keoghan. He's the dude that hosts "The Amazing Race" (is that a sweet job or what!).

    T again


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