Friday, January 18, 2008


What does Survivor have to do with stamping, you may ask??? Well, for the past 4 years or so....I have had a Survivor Pool where those participating have had a chance to win a $100 in TAC stamps/accessories.

My customers, friends and other TAC demonstrators say that it's even more fun to watch Survivor now because they have a 'vested' interest in it...and a chance to win stamps and accessories.

We are about 3 weeks away from the next Survivor on CBS. This one is called Survivor Micronesia. There are 20 Survivors this season. It will be Survivor Favorites VS Survivor Fans. It should be interesting!!!

Some of the favorites returning are James, Yau-Man and Johnny Fairplay.

Survivor starts on February 7th. If you are not a Survivor fan....that's ok! You don't even have to watch the show to take part! This is about a chance to win $100 in stamps and/or accessories!

Just send me an e-mail to for more information.
If you want to check out the new can see them at

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