Saturday, March 29, 2008

Custom Car Show

We have decided to take turns planning a fun outing every month. We take turns. This was his month. The outing has to be something enjoyable for both of us. That way, I am not taken fishing every other month and he isn't having to stand around at a scrapbook store
Not that either of us would even DREAM of doing that. ;-)

So, since March was his month, he took me to a Custom Car Show. And, YES, I did enjoy it. I loved seeing all the beautiful cars and all the hard work that went into creating these beauties.

I was a little miffed that there wasn't a '57 Chevy in the mix anywhere, but they had a '54, '55 and '56 so it was ok.
There were cars there that I have never seen before, except in photos. It was fantastic to see them and try and visualize what that car was involved in...during it's era ;-)

My hubby has a '73 Ranchero that he is refurbishing and he ran across a booth that only sells parts for that make of car and a couple of others. He was in 7th Heaven. He got a catalog and couldn't wait to get home to start looking. I was equally as happy for him cause now he can get busy fixing up his car. Who knows, maybe a few years from now, he'll enter it.
Next month is my turn, so I am thinking, thinking, thinking!!!  Then, he has May already planned, a trip to the coast!   I have the end of May (which will probably be my 'June', since they are really busy at work during the summer months and we have our grand kids) and I have a camping trip planned.

Do you do special dates with your hubby?  We have found it sure helps to break up the day to day activities and gives us something to plan for.  It doesn't have to be something HUGE, like a trip or cruise or something...check your local newspaper and events center to see some of the free or low cost events you can take part in.  

And, hey, who knows, I may even take up fishing this year ;-)


  1. Oh I love car shows! They have quite a few around here in the summer. They also have weekly ones at few places. What a great date that sounded like. I'll have to mention this idea to hubby and see if he will play along.

  2. Oh my,my hubby would of been in Heaven beeing there,we both love car shows,and they're are many around our little town.
    That is a great idea to plan a date with each your turn!! Maybe we'll try that,tFS!!!


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