Tuesday, February 24, 2009

OWOH Giveaway Prizes arrived

Wow....is all I can say about the generous gifts that so many people gave away at the OWOH event. I had so much fun taking part in the this event.
While I was gone for a couple of days, the last two giveaway prizes, that I was so lucky to win, arrived. :-) What fun to come home and find them here!!

The first one I opened was the "One World" candle that came from www.thelightifind.blogspot.com/. I have it in my kitchen, although I took the photo in the bathroom...better light ;-)

Isn't it beautiful!!! You should smell it! The fragrance is ever so light so it's not overpowering.

This is how it was described on her blog:

ONE WORLD (inspired by this event!)
scented with Desert Sage and Green tea for meditation on peace for our planet and to energize the spirit to act and connect with others)

Thank you so much!!!!

The other package was from Stampgram's Studio. It is a gorgeous counted cross stitch book,
"Quilt Designs in Cross-Stitch Book" by the Vanessa-Ann Collection.

I tried cross stitching years and years and years ago and didn't get too far but I decided IF I was lucky enough to win this book that I would give it to one of my favorite Cousins who's birthday is Feb 28th and she will be ...well let's just say over 70! She absolutely LOVES to do counted cross stitch!

But, now that it has arrived, I don't know if I can bare to part with it ;-) I mean, it's not like my Cousin actually NEEDS another cross stitch book...(is this called rationalizing?) She probably has 100's already and this is such a lovely book. Well, it will adorn my table for now!!

Thank you so much, for such a wonderful giveaway. It was so much fun to take part and visit 910 blogs. I can't wait to see how many take part next year.

I still plan to go visit the blogs through out the year and if anyone else would like to visit them, they are listed in Special Pages on the OWOH blog. Believe me, if you find yourself with some extra surfing time, some day.....take a few hours and visit these blogs......you will be so glad you did!

Have a wonderful day!!!



  1. Congratulations, Char! Those are wonderful gifts and I am glad you won them! Enjoy!

  2. Congratulations on your wonderful gifts! You won a few things! How fun for you! :)


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