Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yep, still here and overwhelmed with it all! :-)

But, this too shall pass, as they always say!

Some of you have asked me where I have been ;-) Well, if you e-mail me or IM me, very probably already know.

I have been right here, at home, just not blogging. Is that bad or what?

NO......I have decided it's not bad ;-) It's life! Life does have a way of getting "IN" the way at times. And, on top of that, "I" have a way of getting in my own way, most of the time! Figure that one out ;-)

Life has been just moving along with me just moving along with it.

As some of you know, our cat Freckles, had cancer of the third eyelid and we have been giving her drops twice a day for two weeks...and ointment once a day for a week before that.

We took her into our vet (LOVE this VET) and were told that she is coming along GREAT. There is still a tiny bit of haziness in her affected eye....but hopefully, we can keep the cancer at bay by giving her drops for...get this....the REST of her life! Yep, you heard that right...we will have to put drops in her eyes for the rest of her life.

Now, that in itself is not a bad thing. We can do that! But, we decided that AFTER we saw the Vet, this time, we would put her back out in the garage with the other three cats....where they have play things, a condo scratching post....and many other places to explore. They actually LOVE it out there.

Ok, we did that.....but this morning...when it was time to put the drops in her eyes....she wouldn't allow us to catch her. There are also TONS of places for her to hide out there...with two tractors and one Ranchero and other boxes catching her is not going to be easy TWICE a day.

So, we have decided that we'll have to catch her and bring her back in the house to stay. It's just so much easier to get her trapped between us in the hallway rather than try to catch her in the garage where she has a lot of hiding places.

What a fun game for her...keep away!! But, we're through playing it, now ;-)

Any cat lovers out there have another solution?

On top of all of that, I seem to be going through my usual winter time blahs! Any of you experience this? Let me know how you get yourself back OUT of it...rather than just allow it to run it's course.

The only thing I am doing with any consistency is reading! I only seem to read at night before going to sleep, but I am still keeping at it. I have finished several books so far this year. My goal is to read at least 50 this year. I read over 100+ last year...see my reading blog but as you will see, I didn't keep up on that blog very well either.

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  1. I'm glad Freckles is doing so good. Cats just aren't like dogs are they. Just won't come when you call them. Take care and let us know how she does.

  2. Treats!

    A little bite of canned or a shred of chicken and everyone will be howling at the door to be caught!

    Worked for us.

  3. Oh, Char!
    I just read that you will be giving Freckles eyedrops for the rest of her life! My jaw dropped! I thought a few more weeks or something but wow!
    Then she is such a clever kitty...hiding to see if you can catch her! What energy...I'd love some! LOL
    The winter blahs get me, too, but I try to think of ONE or TWO things to do in the month that I can really look forward to and just counting down the days to those things seems to help me. I hope you find a way to beat the blahs and enjoy the rest of the season and I'll pray for an early spring. LOL

  4. Hello, I found your blog through One World One Heart. I'm not entering your lovely draw as I am trying to sort out my stuff and am trying not so add more goodies to the pile but I just wanted to say Hi. I get the blahs throughout the year off and on. I used to let them find ways of forcing them onwards but now just let the wash over me. Instead of worrying about it I am far more relaxed. Take care


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