Monday, February 9, 2009

Perpetual Calendar

Happy Monday, everyone!!

We were to get freezing fog today but instead we have clear blue skies. YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!

I can't believe it!! Yesterday, I was browsing blogs and came across this really cool wooden perpetual calendar here.

As a joke, not thinking he would even look at his e-mail for days....I sent the directions to my hubby's e-mail and said, "Please make me this" ;-)

Now, you have to realize he is NOT a finish carpenter. I have been begging him for years to try his hand at woodworking, but it's just not his thing.

This morning, I was up at 1:30am...just couldn't sleep. So, I played games and browsed blogs till about 7:30 am and then, I took a little nap but was awakened a bit later to the sound of a sander and hammering and wondered "What on earth?"

I looked outside and could barely see hubby in the side yard busy doing something so I decided to check my e-mail.

As I was checking my e-mail, in comes hubby with a perpetual calendar for me! Now how cool is that?

He apologized because he didn't have the best wood had some rough spots and he didn't have the right size blocks... but I told him it would be fun just to alter it and see what happens.

The fact that I asked for it and he did it is just AWESOME!!

For those of you that may like to try your hand at it, I have included the directions above. But, if you don't have a hubby or friend that can do can actually buy it from his Etsy store. Buy one here and alter it yourself

Ok, I am off to see what other stuff I can get into :-)



  1. Must be Mt Hood in the pic. How neat for your hubby to make you that. Share what it looks like please. Perp. calendars are great.

  2. Actually, that is Mt Jefferson but I can see Mt Hood from my place, too!

    As soon as I finish it, I will be glad to share ;-)

  3. Oh Char, that is soooo funny, I found that link last night, did the same, send an email to my husband asking for husband is a 'funny' guy, so he emailed me back saying 'you are too old to be playing blocks!!!'...i am sure he would get to it...sometime.....i will keep nagging...i want one...just to decorate!!! :) show us how you decorate yours!!! hugs

  4. Hi Shar! Congratulations! You won my giveaway for One World One Heart!!! Come check out my blog to see how you won. I'll be emailing the address on your blog profile. Please responde with your snail mail address so I can send your gift off to you!!! :)

  5. What a great thing for your husband to make for you. So sweet! I'm looking forward to seeing yours soon!


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