Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!!!!

Wow, we are definitely heading towards Christmas! I always say "first it's September and then Christmas". It seems that way, anyway. I like to enjoy each season and holiday as it comes so I am ignoring the stores that already have their Christmas inventory out.

My younger Son called me up on his way home from the store, last week, to tell me that he was so dang frustrated because school supplies were barely off the shelves and they were now putting up CHRISTMAS decorations. He actually spoke to someone and asked WHY? I mean there ARE two more holidays before Christmas......Halloween and Thanksgiving. Of course, we all know that Thanksgiving doesn't get a whole lot of credit and I am not a huge Halloween fan.....but Christmas in September? NOPE not EVEN taking part.

Having worked in retail, I know that the stores have to order early and I know that they don't always have a ton of storage.....but c'mon....even we, a small drug/variety store didn't put out Christmas till after Halloween.

I know that people start their shopping this early or like me...all year round.....but I still plan on enjoying each holiday that comes and celebrating Thanksgiving and THEN start the Christmas decorating etc.

Ok now...with that said.....we DO have to think about our Christmas cards early or we don't get them done in time to send :-) So, I will be sharing those now and again in the next few months.

Here is a card I made to send to my Granddaughters. They don't check my blog, so I think I'm safe.

I got this idea from this blog. I think it's a fun/easy card. I used the Marvy punches from TAC and Palette Burnt Umber stamp pad to sponge the edges.

Hope you try it! You'll get hooked making them.

Have a happy!!!


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