Friday, October 2, 2009

New Look on Blog

I like to change things up a bit from time to time. I like to rearrange furniture, organize my stamp room and pick different colors for my blog. It's something I can do that doesn't cost a thing...yet brings me a lot of satisfaction! Hope you like the new look!!!

This weekend I'll probably be working on some cards and spending time with hubby working around the house. We have to start getting our garden etc. ready for winter. Yep, it's a coming! We even heard we could have SNOW this weekend! WHAT??? It's only October! Well......we had a reprieve last year with snow not coming till December. So, it's probably true. But, it won't last as the weather isn't quite cold enough just yet for it to hang around long.

We'll be removing the A/C from the window here in my office, too. Bye bye till next summer! Now it's drag out the afghans, long pants and socks to keep warm till we absolutely HAVE to turn on the heat.

What are you up to this weekend??? Hopefully, spending time with family/friends or getting ready for Fall/Winter!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!



  1. SNOW!!! Egads!! I love the new look. It's so cute! Have fun making cards this week-end and be sure to share them!

  2. yeikes snow! Mercy... I have already kicked on the furnace. It was just a bit much when it was set a 60 and it started kicking on. OK I can do 68... LOL I too plan on clearing and tilling the garden this weekend. It is suposed to be nice. It has rained all week. Just yucky and cold. The trees are becomeing very fall like and beautiful. yep the A/c unit needs to be put in storage. We only used it about 10 times this summer. an unusual summer this year. Quite coolish. Bring on the woolies, time-s a changen! Hugs to you! I love the new look. I am glad you change things up eventhough you are very much a pink pal... Hugs to you


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