Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Graduations are over

Well, it's all behind us, now.  Both graduations are over and they were fantastic!!

There was a lot of running to do between the two graduations but I made the trip up and back to Washington state for the first graduation, safe and sound and then hit the pavement running to get stuff done for the second graduation.  :-)

But, it all came together like it was supposed to...thankfully!!

Here is the Graduation card I gave my Granddaughter for Graduation.

Here is a Graduation card a friend of mine made for her.  It is too stinkin cute!!!

She had a very enjoyable day with friends and family here to celebrate with her.  My hubby barbecued burgers and we had potato salad and baked beans among other things.  We got a cake with her school colors which happen to be the same as Halloween colors.

She doesn't like having her photos on any websites or Facebook so I will respect her wishes and not post them.

So, now with graduations and Father's Day over....I can get back to stamping once again.

Have a great day!!!


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  1. I can imagine you're glad it's over. Any big plans for the summer? I love the card you made, it came out so cute.


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