Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Pencil Box

 I made my Granddaughter's little appreciation gifts for each of her teachers.  I know she is 18 and maybe they don't do that much any more but I wanted to thank them all for being a part of her life these past few years.

This is the box I decorated (it was the original box that came with an assortment of candy bars that I used to make some candy bouquets).

I used black card stock to decorate the sides and then orange for the top with some black card stock to outline the actual thank you.

Then, I just added some stickers and lined the box with tissue.     
Then, I added all the 'pencils' which are really Rolo candy and a hershey kiss.  I got the idea here and here.

These are so fun to make and go rather quickly once you get all the paper cut and sponged.  Quickly, being a few hours.....but hey, with a movie on.....it works for me :-)

Have a great day!!!!


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